Keeping a Food Diary

I’ve recently been trying to lose weight, so far I have managed just over 10lbs off using the slimming world plan, in 10 weeks, averaging a lb a week doesn’t sound bad but I must admit that this wasn’t a simple path and still hasn’t become one!

In my first week I managed to lose 5lbs, I was full of enthusiasm and desperate to do well. Since those first few weeks things have gotten a little, well, stale shall I say.

I managed to stay to group this week and my consultant, doing what she does best has fired me up again to get the next 7lbs off to reach my Slimming World target.

It is without a doubt that I do much better when I’m keeping a written diary. I have kept a My Fitness Pal log for a long time, but just as with Bullet Journalling, there’s something special about writing things down, they just sink in a little further!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 14.56.16

I’m afraid though that time can be of the essence and making a fresh journal / food diary page every day can be somewhat of a pain in my oversized ass, so I’ve made a little sheet that fits my needs perfectly, for now.

Feel free to download and print a few off yourself if you thing they may be of use for you too! Here’s the link…



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