Why is it So Hard to Drink Water?

Another headache beckons and I swear the skin on my forehead feels like leather. My eyelids feel heavy and my concentration is out of whack…basically I’m not drinking enough, again! A couple of weekends ago I bought a giant 2.2 litre water bottle (something very similar here) and vowed that I would be hydrated from that day forward! All I had to do was empty it each day & I knew that I’d had enough.

pouring water in a glass collection isolated

4 days after, the novelty had worn off and I was back to square one, feeling rough again. Some of the most common symptoms of dehydration are thirst, dark pee, lethargy, dry mouth etc… The main ones I mainly notice are the lethargy, dry skin and stinging eyes.

So I thought to myself, what does it come down to really, what’s stopping me? And do you know what I came up with?…Effort! I can’t be arsed! It’s time’s like this when I really need to have a word with myself, there’s children that would walk miles a day for that water and here I am struggling with a leg stretch to the kitchen!

This vital life source that I literally have on tap, and the only effort I have to make is to pour it down my neck a few times a day.

So here I go again, I’ve got my daily 2.2 litres in hand and I’m giving it another whirl, with the obvious feel good benefits of being well hydrated there’s the reduction in headaches, improved physical and mental performance, better skin and weight loss, I’d be mad not to!

If you have any tips to help me along the way, I’d love to hear them!


© Sarah Taffe 2018 // Mind Body Soul Evolve // ST Freelance


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