Making Lists & Finding Focus

Sometimes I find myself feeling a little foggy minded and un-motivated. I work from home and motivation is a necessity to earning. When I feel this way, I procrastinate, big time and it feels awful, I just can’t seem to get that focus. Sometimes I have so much to do I don’t know where to start!

Open blank notebook, bouquet, cup of coffee, earphones

So what do I do about it?

Well, I make lists! Firstly I make a list to address the reasons that I’m feeling this way to begin with…

  • Am I tired? Sometimes I stay up late to work but it’s counterproductive if nothing gets done the day after!
  • Am I worried? I take a look at my anxiety app (SAM) and face my fears head on, or at least list them.
  • Am I dehydrated? Nothing hits my concentration and energy levels like not drinking enough!
  • Am I not in the present? I meditate with my Calm app to help me bring my attention to the here and now.
  • Have I been eating sugary crap? – Like most people that sugar rush followed by the crash afterwards is hard to cope with.

Once I have worked on breaking the cycle of why I feel unproductive, I turn my attentions to what I actually need to get done.

I use flow on my macs (and sync with the app on my phone) to make to-do lists for every area of my life (mainly work). Each item on the list is given a competition date and then I can check my daily required to-do’s to work through, without giving them too much though after the initial planning. This really helps when you “just don’t know where to start”.

The satisfaction of ticking things off, especially at a time when you don’t really feel like it is really motivating and helps massively with my focus!

I also keep a bullet journal, to help plan my week and write down all of those little jobs that don’t warrant a flow task. This is also where I pop my ideas down, I’m like a goldfish really, if I don’t make a not of it, it’s pretty much forgotten minutes later!

All tips for maintaining focus appreciated!

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