Inner Peace & Selfish People

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I’m slowly coming to realise that there are always going to be people in life that push your buttons, people that will treat you poorly and have the inability to see further than the end of their own noses. There are selfish people everywhere and if you allow it, you can spend your time arguing with them and attempting to show them the injustices in their actions or, you can ‘let it go’ (without bursting into song), let them go even.

It’s tough I admit, when all you want to do is make them see things from your point of view but nine times out of ten you’ll end up making your own blood boil and they’ll not bat an eyelid. They’ll certainly not change! I’m trying to accept that this is just the way some people are. I think accepting it has gone some way in helping me not fight it.

Learning, without being bitter, I’m not talking holding grudges but I am talking about not being a mug. If there’s something they want from me in the future, a favour, my presence perhaps, and it doesn’t suit me or my family, I can politely decline without guilt or breaking any obligation.

I remind myself that I do this for me, for my inner peace, no one wants to spend their days stewing over other people.

It’s funny how even now, pushing 40 I’m still learning things about myself and how to deal with people that make me unhappy.

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