Trentham Monkey Forest | UK ST12 9HR

Trentham Monkey Forest

A warm May day at Trentham Monkey Forest was thoroughly enjoyed by myself, my husband and our children ages 8 & 10. We visited on a busy bank holiday weekend Sunday. This didn’t seem to affect our visit at all. We parked in an overspill area which was straight forward and well directed.

There were 3 queue’s for entrance, which took about 10 mins due to it being very busy. The fastest moving queue was the ‘cash only’ one, worth remembering if you’re heading there on a busy day too. Keep the receipt safe once you’re in, you’ll need to present it again to enter the enclosure, they don’t tell you this and you end up searching your pockets/bag frantically!

Trentham Monkey Forest

Plenty of places to have a picnic (which we had taken with us) and no queuing for the loos as they had put in plenty of extra porta loos. The enclosure and the monkeys (Barbary Macaques) themselves, didn’t disappoint.

Whilst following the rules of the park, we had many close-up encounters, the monkeys don’t attempt to touch you in any way but they do pass close.

A great few hours out and not too expensive!

Trentham Monkey Forest

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