Oaty Goji Bites

oats goji berries chocolate walnut bites 2

I do struggle to kick the chocolate completely, but I thought that along with cutting down, I’d start experimenting with making my own treats, my Oaty Goji Bites were a hit!

My ingredients (feel free to sub’ or change)
2 cups of dark (70%) choc chips
1 and a half to 2 cups or rolled oats
Handful of walnuts (I crushed them a little in my hands)
Handful of dried goji berries

My Method
Couldn’t be simpler! I melted my chocolate over a pan and then combined all the ingredients in a bowl, with a spatular until all were covered in chocolate.

I then pressed the mixture into a metal tray at my desired thickness and left in the fridge over night.

When it came to doing lunches this morning, I turned the tray out and chopped up the contents. I use a metal tray because the mixture can get super stuck to the bottom and I just hold it over the hob for a few seconds to melt the very underneath of the chocolate that’s sticking it in, to release, it soon hardens back up when chopping.


oats goji berries chocolate walnut bites 1

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