My name’s Sarah, I’m a working mum of two (ages 10 and 8).

I’m a designer, illustrator (www.evokevisual.com), school governor and I have been trying my hand at blogging for a few years now. I really enjoy gardening and appreciate positive effects of spending time outdoors, not just on physical health but also on mental health. My gardening blog is www.diggingtheearth.org.uk, if this is something that interests you too.

Approaching my 40th Birthday, I look back and can’t deny that I’ve been through a lot in my time. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I believe resilience is my forte.

I have an ACE (adverse childhood experiences) score of 6+, and have been through things that no one should have to endure. I lost my parents to suicide after a lifetime of mental health issues (my Dad) and alcoholism (my Mum).

Far too many experiences to list here had amplified my GAD (general anxiety disorder) to the point that I was struggling after my Fathers death in late 2014. Having been taught some great coping mechanisms in 2015 by our local mental health team and an introduction to mindfulness and meditation. I am now feeling better than ever, it really is true that whatever doesn’t kill you can make you stronger!

So now is time for me to focus on my own physical and mental wellbeing and my family, the children are growing up so quickly!

Why a blog?

When you’ve been to hell and back, it kind of numbs you for a while and then, for me, I have begun to realise the magnitude of it all and appreciate that after all that, you know what, I’m still here, I’m still standing. I can’t change what has happened but I can put my experiences to good use. I can let people in similar situations know that it’s possible to get through. I can do my part in helping children realise that they are not defined by their background. I can be an understanding ear to those that have been through similar. I’ll be sharing my experiences as and when I feel I can through my ‘Memory Box’ section.

Along with sharing my background, we also love to travel as a family and have some great days out. I’ll give my thoughts on the places we visit and the experiences we have, all of which will be family friendly.

And as if that wasn’t enough rambling, I also enjoy working towards becoming the best version of me, mentally and physically, I’ll share my interests, successes, failures and recommendations as I go along.

Comments are very welcome, let’s always try to find the positive in every situation.




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